FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

My account & my orders - Which is my account/ How can I update my information in account.
When I can come to about my order has been confirmed.
Can I order product which is out of stock.
How can I cancel my order?

Sell Product on Fab Shopping Hub - Procedure of selling my product on Fab shopping hub.

Cancellation & Returns - In how many days can I cancel my order.

For replacing product do request online and replace product on Fab shopping g hub within 7-days of delivery.
Once your replacement request is done, we will proceed as soon as possible.
How long will it take to process my cancellation request?
I had done cash on delivery, so how can I get my refund of that product.
If seller declined my request. What can I do?
What all products can I exchange with Fab shopping hub?
After cancellation of product what are the modes of refund available.
Can I return any part of the order?
How can I return my order if in my area serviceable is not available?
Will I get my full refund of my order which I cancel?
How can I track my return?
Limitations regarding cancellation of product?

Gift Voucher

Procedure of buying gift voucher.

How can I use Fab shopping Hub voucher.
How can I pay with gift voucher?
For payment can I use in multiple payment option with gift voucher.
How can I access my rewards points?


What is the mode of payment while purchasing on Fab shopping hub?

Is there any option of cash on delivery, if it is any additional charges of that?
Can we purchase product on EMI and how EMI payment works on Fab shopping Hub?
Can I have Cash on delivery for each product which I buy from Fab shopping Hub?
Can I do some of the payment by cash and rest amount by EMI product?
Does delivery buy carry card machines while delivering product?